Tips for Tracking Employee Time Effectively in Your Business

Tips for Tracking Employee Time Effectively in Your Business

While time tracking essential for the companies, many employees view it as a nuisance and unnecessary snooping. It is important for the business to come up with ideas that will help them track an employee time and get the employees to like the whole process.


Communication is the key

Communication is the key

The reason why the employees do not want to be monitored in what they do is because they do not know that time tracking is important for the realization of the company goals. It is not just telling the employees to get busy for the sake of it but work to assist the company to reach its goals.

Communication is crucial in creating an environment that the workers are at peace with the use of time tracking while working. The situation is similar to bringing two teams from different departments to work together on a project. If neither of the team understands the other and the reason for coming together, it will not work out. However, with the right communication, both teams will work towards achieving the set goals.

The Harvard Business Review once wrote that for the goals to be effective and meaningful in motivating the staff to work, they must be connected to the business ambitions. Moreover, each employee must understand the role he or she plays in the realization of the said ambitions.


Here are examples

Here are examples of what you can tell the employees when explaining the need for time tracking

– We would like our clients to pay for every effort that we use in ensuring that the projects are done right. Thus, we would like to track the time you put in particular projects to bill them correctly.

– We would like to seal loopholes that are affecting our performance. We would also like to enhance efficiency and deal with errors so that we can pay you on time. For that reason, we would like to collect accurate data on the time that you are putting in various projects.

– We would like to weed out projects that are not giving us much value for our efforts. To identify such projects, we would like to know the duration of time you put in every project.

Unfortunately, according to Forbes magazine, most of the employees do not get the right information from the management. The few that do, most of the information is not sufficient in determining the best set of actions.



Collaborate for a common objective

In addition to communication, it is important for the teams to unite in working for a common objective. It is important for all the workers to feel that they are part of the success that the business aims to get from working on the particular project.

Time tracking can be used to find out what tasks take much of the employees time, teams that are good at particular projects and so forth. The data can be used in future for efficient for future subdivision of the work for a similar project.

‘Firms of Endearment’ reports that purpose driven buses got returns of about 1646 percent between 1996 and 2011. Employees that feel that they are part of the team work hard to avoid letting the team down. The objective of time tracking is not to downsize the workforce but to streamline operations to reach the set goals.

Do not be on their necks

After you have ensured that employees are working towards a common objective, it is important to monitor them from a distance. Soon, you will identify employees who are haphazard in entering their time and those who strive to do it correctly.


Monitor them from a distance

Employees detest having someone over the shoulder looking at what they are doing. They feel engaged, and their freedom stifled. However, they would be more relaxed and be working out of the desire to succeed if monitored from a distance.

Watching from a distance also helps workers in holding each other accountable for the realization of success. The power can be shared among the employees with different levels of approval. As put by the, the employees are more likely to take their job as their own if they have a say in what they do.

The data that is collected in time tracking, as any other data is used to enhance efficiency at the workplace. Efficiency helps deal with wastage, hit the deadlines on time, and eventually lead to higher profitability. Higher profitability is also good for the employees.

It is important for employees to know and appreciate the need for time tracking and the benefits that it brings them. Thus, it is worth the time for the management to explain and ensure that every employee understands the importance.

If time tracking is well implemented, you will find the business faster progress in completing the projects, use fewer resources on individual projects, and enhance smooth workflow. Time tracking also deals with busybodies and ensures that everyone is engaged in valuable tasks.



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